We will breathe new life into the historic Brabazon Hangars, transforming them into an exciting, vibrant destination open all year round, offering a range of entertainment events, and creating a new place to eat, work and play. Visitors to the arena will experience more than a show, with vibrant food and drink areas, lounges and bars, and live pre-show entertainment on our community stage, showcasing local talent. We will take live music and entertainment into the community to inspire and engage the next generation. 

The supersonic heritage and pioneering history of the hangars is a precious gift which we will celebrate and preserve for all to enjoy.
We will embrace technology and make sustainability a key focus, considering challenges throughout the design, construction and future operation.

The Brabazon Hangars offer three individual but interlinked areas:

• Central Hangar – YTL Arena: 17,080 capacity, the third largest in the UK. Multi-purpose, flexible and unique arena auditorium, allowing Bristol to host full capacity live music shows, but also to offer sporting events, family entertainment (eg Dancing on Ice, Strictly Come Dancing) and comedy shows. 

• East Hangar - Festival Hall: a flat floor space for trade shows, exhibitions, conventions and other events. 

• West Hangar - The Hub: a place to eat, work and play. With a visitor attraction, leisure, workspace and food and drink. 

Together they will offer a 365 day a year thriving entertainment destination, attracting large scale, live events and new business to the region. 

We want to create a venue that benefits everyone – from the up and coming musicians looking for their first gig, to the stars at the very pinnacle of their careers. We will nurture and celebrate new talent and put Bristol on the world stage as a city of music. We’ve had the Merseybeat and the Manchester Sound, now is the time for Bristol to make new legends, it’s time for Bristol to be heard! 

The arena will form part of a wider new neighbourhood for north Bristol called Brabazon.

A connected arena for all

The M4 and M5 are on the doorstep, connecting YTL Arena Bristol to a wider audience across the South West and beyond. At 26 acres, the sheer size of the site offers numerous opportunities. With space to accommodate at least 100 articulated vehicles on site, major events and shows will be able to gain access and park with little impact on the surrounding area. Other city venues often experience problems with large scale events as they have nowhere to park the lorries. We aim to create an arena which offers a world class experience for all – including the support staff and crews servicing the events.

We’re already establishing city partnerships, and will be working with local hotels, guesthouses, bars and restaurants, and other city attractions to drive tourism and overnight stays. By working with local businesses and sourcing local products and services everyone benefits – financially, but also environmentally. It is estimated that the new entertainment destination will attract more than than 1.4m annual visitors, creating 500 new jobs and injecting more than £1.5bn into the local economy over the next 25 years. People are at the heart of everything we do – from employing the right people and nurturing their skills and talents, to making sure our customers have the best possible experience. This is a great opportunity to make a difference and change lives!


"We're committed to building an arena for the South West and putting Bristol on the world stage"