Michael Eavis visits the Brabazon hangars

Glastonbury Festival creator Michael Eavis visited the Brabazon hangars last week. He had a tour of the historic hangars with YTL Arena Managing Director Andrew Billingham, and heard all about our plans to create the third largest arena in the UK. He was amazed by the sheer size of the hangars which could house a new 17,000 capacity arena for Bristol, and was impressed that they are indoors!

He said: ”It’s a huge space. It’s all covered which means it’s in the dry! It really is a huge building, It’s incredibly well built.“ 

Born in Pilton Somerset, Michael set up the world-renowned Glastonbury Festival in the early 1970s and has seen many headline acts play at his family’s farm ever since.   

He shared some insights into the runnings of a festival with the YTL Arena team.  

Andrew said he felt really privileged to have met Michael and to have exchanged ideas. He said: “We are so delighted to have had the opportunity to meet Michael and tell him about our plans to create an arena for Bristol. Glastonbury Festival is known and respected all over the world and everyone who has ever been has a story to tell.

We know that musicians the world over consider it an honour and a feather in their cap to have played Glastonbury. We hope one day that they will feel the same about performing at YTL Arena Bristol.”