We are committed to putting Bristol on the world stage and delivering an arena that everyone can be proud of.

We have submitted our planning application to put Bristol on the world stage for live music and entertainment!

We will repurpose the historic Brabazon Hangars, birthplace of Concorde to create YTL Arena Complex. It is not just an arena. The Central Hangar will house a 17,080 capacity live entertainment arena, the East Hangar will be a huge flat floor space for exhibitions and events and the West Hangar will be a place to eat, drink, work and play. Together they will offer a 365 day a year thriving entertainment destination, attracting large scale, live events and new business to the region.

Recent public consultation has shown that more than 95% of people support for our plans, and feedback will help inform our proposals. Some common issues were raised.

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A new arena for Bristol

A new pedestrian bridge

Facade plain


Existing funding is being invested to upgrade transport connections including a new railway station and improved bus services.

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Other transport solutions include:

• offering shuttle bus services and working in partnership with other local landowners to provide park and ride services.

• working in consultation with local residents to ensure that parking control measures are implemented

• a new East-West super highway connecting Brabazon with all the surrounding neighbourhoods

• implementing a traffic management plan to cater for high volume, peak and non-peak travel flows on event days in the same way as the very successful Massive Attack concerts demonstrated.

Arena stage centre


YTL Arena Bristol will attract in excess of 1.4 million visitors a year bringing increased spend into the city and wider area – significantly higher than Temple Island scheme, Our planning consultants’ surveys forecast a £1.5bn visitor spend in the local economy over the next 25 years.

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We will work with city partners to promote overnight stays and tourism. Data shows 50% of ticket sales for Bristol concerts in 2019 were from outside the city.

YTL Arena operations will:

• create 500 contracted onsite jobs with a living wage policy ffering shuttle bus services and working in partnership with other local landowners to provide park and ride services.

• source over 75% of products and services locally

• create apprenticeship roles during construction and into operations

• provide access for local people to all the arena’s job opportunities, skilled and unskilled

• be the third largest in the UK venue, enhancing the city’s reputation and putting Bristol on the world stage 

• YTL Arena Complex will be fully privately funded and is supported by a robust business plan 

• no public money is required and therefore there is no risk to Bristol tax payers.

Bristol will get its long-awaited arena, bolder and pioneering – a must play venue, larger than Cardiff, Birmingham, Leeds, Liverpool and Glasgow. 


Our Sustainability Charter is aligned to United Nations Sustainability Goals and local policies including use of low carbon energy sources, repurposing existing structure, rainwater harvesting, local sourcing, recycling, electrical self-generation, neutral impact on local air quality, water efficiency, diverse and inclusive employment practices, a living wage policy and green transport policy.

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Your feedback matters.

We have held a series of roadshows and drop in session to tell people about our plans and  feedback has helped inform our proposals.  We asked the following questions and here are the results.


Support the principle of a high quality mixed use development at the Brabazon hangars


Support the proposed vision for the Brabazon hangars


Support the principle of a new arena for Bristol


Support the proposals for a new railway station and MetroBus links to the proposal

If you want to tell us what you think, or arrange to visit the Brabazon hangars to find out more, contact us.