YTL Arena Complex Supports the CyclingWorks Bristol Campaign

YTL Arena Complex has joined organisations and businesses calling for improved cycling facilities in Bristol.

CyclingWorks Bristol Campaign

CyclingWorks Bristol is a new campaign to encourage businesses to voice their support for improvements to cycling infrastructure across the Bristol travel to work area that will make it safer and easier for people to commute to work by bike.

CyclingWorks Bristol is based on a model used in London where more than 200 businesses lobbied the London Assembly & Boroughs to consider the importance of safer commuting by bike.

The CyclingWorks Bristol campaign is focused on delivering a much better bike commuting experience across the Bristol travel to work area by creating:

  • the delivery of a cross city North to South and an East to West protected bike corridor, based on the local cycling and walking infrastructure plans (LCWIP) and existing routes.
  • cycle friendly facilities at Park & Ride sites (including Parkway Station).
  • additional secure bike parking across the city centre.
Schematic Map of N-to-S and E-to-W Protected Bike Corridors. Courtesy of T. Well.

Sustainability is at the heart of YTL Arena Complex, which is why our sustainability charter is aligned to the United Nations Sustainability Goals and Local Policies, and includes a green transport policy.

We will actively encourage our visitors to choose sustainable forms of travel through our messaging and ticketing. A ‘super-highway’ will connect Brabazon and the Arena Complex with surrounding neighbourhoods for cyclists and pedestrians, making it easier for visitors and staff to access the site on bike or foot.

There will be a minimum of 567 covered, lit and secure visitor cycle parking spaces no further than 100m from the entrance to the arena and 123 additional cycle parking spaces to support YTL staff who commute to work by bike. Showers and changing rooms will be available for staff to freshen up after cycling in before starting their day.

Managing Director of YTL Arena, Andrew Billingham said: “We fully support the CyclingWorks campaign and are committed to driving down car dependency in the region. When YTL Arena Complex opens we will employ around 500 members of staff, so it is absolutely essential that the proper infrastructure is in place to accommodate those who choose to cycle to work. We look forward to seeing these plans progress, adding to the ever-growing list of why Bristol is such a great place to live and work.”

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