YTL will be owner and operator of YTL Arena Complex

YTL will fund and operate the YTL Arena Complex, giving us the ability to manage all aspects of the business.

As owner and operator, we can ensure that our ambitions for the YTL Arena Complex are fulfilled and we have full control over everything from construction to operations, including working with local businesses, traffic management, ticketing, programming, customer services, recruitment and procurement.

We will source more than 70% of our goods and services locally, working in partnership with businesses in the South West to supply everything from food and drink, to services such as photography and lighting. We will champion local businesses and showcase what the Bristol city region has to offer to visitors.

We will employ local people, bringing exciting job opportunities to the region and generating 500 contracted, on-site jobs with a living wage policy. Working with local colleges and education providers, we will create a minimum of 15 annual apprenticeship roles throughout construction into operations, opening doors into the music and hospitality industry for a diverse range of people across the region.

Through our ticketing and messaging, we can incentivise arena visitors to choose sustainable transport and drive down car dependency. ‘Ticket and travel’ packages will allow customers to buy their event ticket at the same time as their transport ticket, reducing the overall cost.

A new train station opening in 2021 will drop off visitors 200 metres from the main entrance, and a new dedicated Metrobus service will connect the arena with Bristol city centre.  Park and Ride sites have been identified near the arena and shuttle bus services will run on event days so visitors who need to drive part of the journey stay off local roads.

YTL Arena Complex will be net zero carbon from day one of opening. Throughout construction, we will save 18,600 CO2 emissions by repurposing the Brabazon hangars. Air source heat pumps will provide ambient heating and cooling, while LED lighting will be used throughout the complex, linked back to an intelligent building management system. Once the arena is open, we will use rainwater harvesting to reduce our water consumption by more than 70%, and solar panels on the roof along with battery storage will allow us to generate enough energy to make the building energy neutral. There will be no gas on site.

YTL Arena Complex Managing Director Andrew Billingham, said ‘YTL Arena will lead the way in being a sustainable venue and we are already working with the entertainment industry to help reduce its impact on the environment and to find sustainable solutions. By working with local businesses and community organisations we really hope that the economic benefits YTL Arena will bring to the area will be felt far and wide.’