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  • Creating an immersive live experience with Vanguardia

    lly Creedy, Director at Vanguardia, has been with the company for nearly 15 years, and now leads a team of specialist consultants in acoustics and sound system design.

  • We're looking for a Director of Technology & Digital to join our team

    Could you be our Director of Technology and Digital?

  • Top industry talents join YTL Arena Bristol

    We are thrilled to be expanding the team at YTL Arena Bristol and welcoming two talented new hires, Une Marija Jurkstaite and Matt Blackhouse.

  • Backstage with Gary Crossan

    This week, we go backstage with Gary Crossan, Tour Manager for Bristol-born, international DJ and record producer, Eats Everything.

  • Backstage with Geoff Widdowson

    Geoff records and plays with a number of bands including Treetop Flyers, Unkle Bob and Danny and the Champions of the World.

  • Backstage with Holly Newton

    This week, we go backstage with Holly Newton, Theatre Manager of Alma Theatre and its inhouse production company Schoolhouse to find out more about the iconic venue.

  • Backstage with Alana Ashley

    This week we go backstage with Alana Ashley, Masters graduate of Bristol Old Vic Theatre school, founder of the Whitecard Collective, makeup artist and set designer!

  • Backstage with Miles Leonard

    This week, we go backstage with Miles Leonard, someone who knows all too well about the music scene as former chairman for Warner/Parlophone Records.

  • Backstage with Roger Barrett

    This week, we go backstage with Roger Barrett, expert in anything and everything to do with the engineering of temporary structures for live events.

  • Backstage with Keely Myers

    As one of the UK’s leading production managers with over 20 years’ experience, Keely Myers knows exactly what goes on backstage at your favourite concerts.


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